THISISPOPBABY in partnership with Civic Theatre with St. Patrick’s Festival present

WHERE WE LIVE: SHIT by Patricia Cornelius

Where We Live present SHIT by Patricia Cornelius in a reimagining by Jennifer Jennings, Oberman Knocks & Philip Connaughton

SHIT tells the stories of three young women at the bottom of society’s barrel. There’s not a single moment when the three young women transcend their ugliness. There’s no indication of a better or in fact any inner life. They don’t believe in anything. They’re mean, down mouthed, downtrodden, hard bit, utterly damaged women. They’re neither salt of the earth nor sexy. They love no one and no one loves them. They believe the world is shit, that their lives are shit, that they are shit.

They are the women of the Liffey boardwalk. They take over the carriages of the green line Luas and prowl the side streets and back alleys of Dublin 1.

They’re grown-up little girls who spit, swear, scream, shout, pull down their pants to moon someone from a car, laugh too loudly, flash their tits, fight, like really fight - head butts and smashed cheekbones and midnight visits to St James’ Emergency Room. They fuck too much, wear too much lipstick or none at all, or maybe insist they’ve got a dick and not a girl at all.
They’re filth - and all we want to do is lock them up and throw away the key.

Out of control girls – angry, nasty girls – are a sight to behold. They’re terrifying, electrifying, funny and awful - they’re everything girls shouldn’t be, and we hate them. And they don’t give a fucking shit what we think.

This is a piece about three of those women. Their names are Billy, Bobby and Sam.

Where We Live

THISISPOPBABY have teamed up with St. Patrick’s Festival to present Where We Live 2020 at Project Arts Centre from March 11 – 21, an explosive ten-day festival of new work from Ireland’s creative vanguards. The festival will interrogate and celebrate what it means and how it feels to live in Dublin and Ireland right now.

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