Airfield Estate with St. Patrick’s Festival present

TREASURES OF IRISH FOOD: Irish Culinary Treasures Dining Experience in the Overends Kitchen

We’ll be digging out our best traditionally inspired culinary masterpieces for an evening of Irish food. Experience a true Irish welcome with a feast of flavours created by the culinary team in Airfield Estate.

Each dish will be created using ingredients grown in the main in our organic food gardens at Airfield Estate giving them all a seasonal twist. There’ll be live music and fantastic hospitality from the team as they bring you the taste of Ireland on a plate.

With a 5 course menu plus a few surprises along the way, this is an experience not to be missed in the heart of Dundrum.

Airfield Estate, Dundrum is just 12 minutes on the tram from Dublin City. Step out and experience a world of culinary and historical treasures.

Cancellation Message from Venue:

Airfield Estate will be closed until March 30. For ticket refunds please email hello@airfield.ie and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.