Standing, Sitting Lying Down, Hen’s Teeth & St. Patrick’s Festival present

InnerEar: An Afternoon Guide To Listening

Join Dr Leon McCarthy, Sorca McGrath and Donal Dineen for an afternoon of food, talks and explorations in the art and science of listening.

Join us on March 15 for an afternoon of talks aimed at anyone with an artistic ear, on how we listen to our worlds, and how listening informs and affects our creativity, all housed in the wonderful new home of Hen's Teeth Studio & Caf..

The talks will look at how our ears, brains, and bodies are all listening. How each informs our unique experiences and affects our creative flow. The day will conclude with a discussion hosted by Donal Dineen that takes from what we'll learn about listening, and explores how we engage with listeners and share our stories, be it through music, words, or any artistic practice.

Contributors & Talks :

Léon McCarthy: How We Hear... The Wonders of the Listening Brain

Léon will tell us about the wonders of our 'listening brain', touching on the ways we perceive sound, the tricks our ears and mind play on each other, the impact that cultural context has on listening and much more.

Sorca McGrath: Neuroception & Creative Flow

In this workshop Sorca will explore creative flow, the power of the unconscious and what guides our decision making. Looking at mental health & creativity, how our body states relate to our creative blocks, what we can do to identify them, integrate them and move them on.

Donal Dineen: What draws our ear and why?

w/ Special Guests Kate Butler & Stephen James Smith

Donal will chair a discussion on the art of storytelling and how being a good listener helps us in our creativity and in engaging audiences. Donal will be joined by writers and musicians as they look at why and how we are compelled to share the stories that our bodies, hearts and minds have to tell.

€15 - All Talks 12.30pm, 3pm, 4.30pm

€35 - All Talks including Brunch at 1.30pm