KILA & Cartoon Saloon (Festival Village)

Join innovative Irish band Kíla for an interactive family concert featuring music from award winning Cartoon Saloon animation Song of the Sea. & Cúl An Tí.

Clap and dance along, make ocean soundscapes, and laugh at the musicians’ antics!

For quite a number of years Kíla have been presenting their Kids show in theatres throughout the country, most notably in the children’s theatre The Ark in Dublin, the Bualadh Bos children’s festival in Limerick’s Lime Tree, in Mermaid in Bray, the Model in Sligo, the RCC in Letterkenny and the Townhall Theatre in Galway.

This hour long show has the kids interacting with the music from the very start. Front man Rossa asks them to create an ocean soundscape for the opening melody, and as the show proceeds they’ll clap along, dance along and even do animal and popping noises to the music.

The kids love it when the band do their musical instrument acrobatics where three musicians intertwine their hands and try to play each other's whistles, or when the fiddle and mandolin player attempt the same.

A special part of the show is where they play pieces from the multi award winning and Oscar nominated animation Song of the Sea, which they composed music for.

Designed for ages 3-11 and their families, all are welcome!