Yamamori Tengu presents

FESTIVAL AFTER DARK: Cáit (all night long)

Dip collective member and one of Ireland’s leading DJs, Cáit takes the reins all night long!

For dancing club enthusiasts in the know based in Dublin, Dip has become a well known and well regarded party over the last couple of years. Where most parties bombard you with the latest international hype names, Dip has much more of a local focus, which is what we dig here at Open Ear. One of those local names, and one of the party's residents is the one and only Cáit.

We've clocked a few of her sets now and be it dropping fresh heat from Privacy or Carl Craig and Dance Mania classics, there's a depth and knowledge going on that is a huge part of making a dj be a, y'know, good dj. So with that said, we're gonna let her skills agus selections do the rest of the talking.