St. Patrick’s Festival with Dublin City Council & Rediscovery Centre Ballymun

ABAIR: Ballymun. Dermot Bolger & Steo Wall

Writer Dermot Bolger joins singer–songwriter Steo Wall for an evening of discussion, poetry and music.

Dermot Bolger

Is a poet, novelist and playwright. His fourteen novels include The Family on Paradise Pier and the Journey Home. His plays include From These Green Heights which won the Irish Times ESB Award for Best New Irish Play of 2004.

Steo Wall

Is an emerging talent on the Irish music scene with an eclectic taste which shines through his multi-genre array of songs. In 2016, Steo started released his debut ‘Where I'm From’ with features from folk legends such as, Davy Spillane, Luka Bloom and Damien Dempsey.


In association with Dublin City Council & Rediscovery Centre

Abair is a program of traditional singing and storytelling events exploring the oral folk traditions of Ireland. Taken from the Irish word meaning both ‘to say’ and ‘to sing’, the four-day program offers a broad range of intimate, unplugged performances, each highlighting the richness and beauty of the Irish singing and storytelling traditions still preserved and practiced to the present day.

The events will also feature a 'songs from the floor' session, giving audience members a chance to provide a song or story of their own, relevant to the theme of ‘treasures’.